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What is Malefic Muse Studios?

Malefic: (məˈlefik /adjective) Of wicked, mischievous, impish and devilish intent. Untamed and unforgiving. The laughing evil with thigh high boots and raven a-shoulder.

Muse: (myo͞oz /noun) In mythology and literature, the goddesses or spirits who inspire the creation and facilitate the pursuit of the arts.

While many fantasy artists portray visions of the whimsical and lighthearted sides of faerie and myth, there is also a dangerously sweet side that ripples through the veil between worlds, a sultry and smoky voice that echoes through the ether. Malefic Muse Studios is a project that explores the themes of mythology, lore and legend all with a dimmed torch to allow that which waits in the dark a chance seep through.

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